Raadhuisplein Shopping Centre Drachten

Established positioning and identity for new residential and shopping complex.

The new residential and shopping complex Raadhuisplein in Drachten is an important part of the master plan for the centre, as determined by the municipality of Smallingerland. The main purpose of the project: to increase the quality of life for residents while offering customers of the shopping complex more service and convenience. This is done by a new layout of the area, inviting architecture and plenty of parking space.

With a variety of shops, good restaurants and plenty of parking space Raadhuisplein Shopping Centre Drachten is the right choice for visiting the centre of Drachten. Shopping is done in Shopping Centre Drachten!

LookFeel Consultancy initially mapped the catchment area and set the target group at the request and in close cooperation with the client. After that, positioning was determined and identity and shape were designed in close consultation with both the client and municipality Smallingerland.

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